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Livestock for Sale - Seradria Romanian Sheep and Cattle for Sale

Seradria was founded in 1994 in Bucharest, Romania. Our business is primarily focused on the fattening, veterinary treating and export of Romanian livestock (sheep and cattle), meat (sheep and cattle carcass) and animal feed (alfalfa/lucerne). Romania is one of the largest exporters of sheep within the European Union, with the highest increase in sheep flocks (+25%) over the past decade.

Livestock for Sale

We work with Romanian sheep and Romanian cattle, specifically with Turcana breed of lambs and Simmental breed of cattle. We’ve had a long relationship with clients from EU states and various Middle East countries. Some of the countries that we have worked with are Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Libya and Israel.

Specifically for Israel, we castrate the male lambs and make all the blood analysis and vaccines required by the Israeli authorities.

We have a large farm located near the Cluj Napoca city, in the town of Rascruci. We have a capacity of around 150,000 combined sheep and cattle per year. The farm is built and managed as per all regulations required by the European Union. We only work with sheep and cattle from Romania. We do not import livestock from other countries.

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