How to Identify Breeds of Sheep by Their Distinctive Marks

Romanian sheep grazing on a green meadow at sunsetWe must admit that sheep are interesting animals, not only for their gentle and lovely appearance, but also for their ability to provide very good quality meat and wool. As far as we consider, sheep are easier to handle compared to cattle, not only because of their smaller size, but also because of their temperate behaviour.

Nevertheless, we think that sheep farmers are great too, because, even though sheep are easier to handle, they put a lot of effort, care and attention in growing them naturally and healthily. Their knowledge regarding the breeds of sheep helps them take special care of each type of breed. But these are the certified farmers, the ones who take care of hundreds of animals, not just a few. We’ve made a short guide regarding the distinctive marks of these popular breeds, so that an unwitting buyer or consumer can recognise and distinguish the most common sheep breeds.

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5 Reasons to choose Romania for Sheep Import

5 Reasons to choose Romania for Sheep ImportWhen it comes to sheep import, you have to do some serious research in order to be confident that everything will be fine. You have to be sure that the exporter country you choose has a friendly environment and can provide you with healthy animals. More than that, you have to ensure that the company you choose is aligned with all the standards and regulations required by the authorities of your country.

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How to Identify Breeds of Cattle by Their Distinctive Marks

how to identify cattle breeds If you want to simply recognise a cattle breed only by its physical appearance, you have to pay close attention to each aspect of every breed, to take notes (physically or mentally) and to memorise it till the next time you see a cow.

In order to do so, we took some time to write down a few simple, straightforward steps to identify the most common breeds of cattle. This being said, here is the mini guide.

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Romania resumes export activity of livestock (sheep and cattle) to Iran

Livestock export

At the beginning of this year, the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) announced that, thanks to the latest diplomatic effort of the Romanian Government, the Iranian market has been reopened for livestock export (sheep and cattle).

Romania and Iran – new possibilities for a long lasting collaboration

The MADR claims that in January 2019 the Standard Export Certificate has been approved between the National Sanitary Veterinary Authority for Food Safety of Romania (ANSVSA) and the Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO). As a result, the exports of livestock from Romania to Iran were reopened.

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Most Appreciated Sheep Products

Sheep are animals which can offer a lot of benefits. Since their domestication, shepherds tried to obtain the best traits of crossbreeding.

Nowadays, sheep are among the most appreciated animals. Besides wool, meat and milk, products that we all know very well, sheep also offer other benefits. So, which are the most common uses of the sheep?

Meat: Lamb and Mutton

There is no doubt that the most important product we get from these animals is meat. Lamb is the meat from the sheep that is less than one year old, and mutton is the meat from a sheep that is over one year old.

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Romanian Simmental – the most popular breed of cattle in Romania

livestock farmingRomania has a large agricultural industry. With 30% of the country’s land areas covered by permanent pasture and a favourable geographic position, it is one of Europe’s leading exporter of live animals, especially cattle breeds and sheep breeds.

The most popular breed of cattle in Romania is Baltata Romaneasca, also known as Romanian Simmental or Romanian Spotted Cattle.

Other cattle breeds are also present in Romania: Crossbreed Blanc Blue Belgium, Crossbreed Charolais, Crossbreed Limousin, Crossbreed Braunvieh, Crossbreed Angus and others. Continue reading Romanian Simmental – the most popular breed of cattle in Romania

10 Most Popular Sheep Breeds raised for Meat, Fiber and Dairy

popular sheep breedsThere are breeds which excel particularly in one aspect – some are known for the ability to provide an excellent amount of milk, while others are appreciated for their finest wool.

There is a type of sheep breeds which are highly demanded in many parts of the world because of their benefits: they are multi-purpose, so they can provide productions of meat, skin, wool and dairy.

Depending on the environment and on the rations of nourishment, according to statistics, there are more than 1000 distinct sheep breeds worldwide.

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The Highest Quality Types of Sheep Wool

types of sheep woolAccording to some estimates, there are more than 1,000 breeds of sheep worldwide, but not all of them are known for high-quality wool.

For thousands of years, the difference between good wool and high-quality wool has been determined by the fibre diameter – coarse or fine.

In this regard, deciding which breed to raise is an important decision that each shepherd must make, especially if he wants to grow sheep for wool. Continue reading The Highest Quality Types of Sheep Wool

Fodder Benefits for Cattle and Sheep

cattle fodderThe quality of the breed trait at sheep and cattle depends on the status of health and many other factors. Breeding involves a lot of activities – such as creating a suitable environment and providing all the feed requirements.

A balanced diet plays a vital role so you’ll have to pay attention to the quality of the fodder. The animals should be provided with a suitable food so you’ll have to make sure that the diet contains a lot of essential nutrients – hay, grains, oilseed, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins (C, D, E and K). Continue reading Fodder Benefits for Cattle and Sheep

Interesting Facts About Dairy Cows

Dairy cows are cattle raised because of their skill to produce large quantities of milk from which dairy products are made. Every breed can give milk, but its nutrient content and the amount will have a different range of protein and vitamins.

dairy cowsTypes of dairy cows

One of the most popular breeds is the Holstein-Friesian dairy cow, known by its colours – black and white.

In most cases, dairy cows are part of the species Bos Taurus.

Here is a list with most common and also most rare types of dairy cows:

  • Ayrshire cattle;
  • Brown Swiss – Second largest amount of milk produced in any dairy cattle breed;
  • Buša cattle;
  • Canadienne cattle (one of the rarest kind in the world);
  • Dairy Shorthorn;
  • Dexter cattle;
  • Guernsey cattle;
  • Holstein-Friesian cattle;
  • Illawarra cattle;
  • Irish Moiled;
  • Jersey Cattle Jersey (has a very high content of butterfat in the milk);
  • American Milking Devon;
  • Milking Shorthorn;
  • Montbéliarde;
  • Normande;
  • Norwegian Red;
  • Holstein;
  • Red and white.

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