Discover Four Reasons Why a Happy Sheep Gives the Best Products

happy sheep

Sheep are raised for wool, meat carcasses and dairy products by farmers all over the world. If you imagine that these animals can be raised just in continental climate and mostly in hot areas, you’re wrong. For example, sheep are raised in the UK even from Roman times when wool, meat and milk were the basis of Medieval trade.

Things have changed lately. Meat and wool are still the most important sheep-products, but they are no more used for trade, but for the production of high-quality wool fibers and for outdoor products. Studies in this area have shown that the environment in which the sheep are raised has a major impact on the quality of meat and wool. The way they are bred and treated is also very important as only a calm, stress-free and happy sheep can give high quality products. How is that so? Let’s see!

4 Reason why happy sheep give quality products

For a good quality of the meat it’s absolutely necessary for the animal to be raised in the best conditions, well-nourished and not stressed at all. Why is this so important? Why happy sheep give a better product?

There is sheep science which says the following:

  1. The meat that comes from stressed animals has a low technological quality, meaning that its ability to retain water and the meat’s freshness is affected. So, here comes the relevance of the way sheep are treated. It’s all about the hormones secreted by the glands in their bodies and the way these substances affect the meat’s quality.
  2. If the environment in which sheep are raised is not healthy, their stress level will increase, causing the wool fibers to degrade. Specialist farmers say that whenever a sheep is stressed, a weak spot in the fiber appears that’s prone to breaking. Later, these weak fibers, used in the textile production, can lead to pilling or holes in the garment spun made from that wool, which obviously affect its quality.
  3. It’s of utmost importance for sheep to be well-nourished. If sheep are fed with fodder with hormones and antibiotics, these substances will later be transferred to the human’s digestive system and, in time, their harmful effect will affect our overall health. So, a happy sheep is a naturally fed animal which in return will produce high quality and healthy milk, meat and wool.
  4. The slaughtering process is important as well. It is highly recommended that even in the slaughtering process, animals to be treated kindly, with so much patience that they won’t feel any fear at all, in order to avoid an increase in the level of stress which causing the release of fear hormones that affect the meat’s and wool’s quality.
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