5 Reasons to choose Romania for Sheep Import

5 Reasons to choose Romania for Sheep ImportWhen it comes to sheep import, you have to do some serious research in order to be confident that everything will be fine. You have to be sure that the exporter country you choose has a friendly environment and can provide you with healthy animals. More than that, you have to ensure that the company you choose is aligned with all the standards and regulations required by the authorities of your country.

If you want to import sheep the first thing that comes to mind is to look for a country with a tradition in this sense, isn’t it? Well, according to industry statistics, Romania is among the most generous countries when it comes to sheep import. This article aims to discuss the main reasons that lead to many people choosing Romania as a country from where to import sheep. Here are five reasons to make this choice:

  1. Romania is a country that has a favorable breeding environment

Animals – especially sheep – are not so demanding and do not need any special or out of the ordinary care, but it is extremely important that the environment in which they develop is a propitious one. Romania is one of the countries that have beautiful landscapes, with hills and plains, so the sheep, ewes, and lambs raised here have a healthy development environment.

  1. This country has Black Sea access

Due to the fact that the country has access to the Black Sea, it is possible to import vessels with high animal transport capacity. In just a few days – or a couple of weeks, depending on the country from where you place the order, the sheep import will be realized. Seradria, for example, works with shipping companies with a capacity of 200 to 1000 tons loads.

  1. In Romania, all importing sheep conditions – even the most demanding – are respected

For example, some blood tests and animal vaccines are required in Israel. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Seradria prepares all these analyses and aligns them to the standards required by each country. The company is also exporting livestock to Israel. Moreover, since the health of livestock is an important aspect when you want to import sheep, you won’t have to worry because you will receive all the documentation needed.

  1. Romania ranks third in European Union in terms of sheep numbers

According to data provided by Eurostat in 2018, Romania ranks 3rd in the top of sheep numbers, with over 10 million heads of sheep. Given that according to statistics, Romanians are not great sheep meat consumers, and they often prefer pork or chicken, Romania can easily export to interested countries. As such, we’re talking of a capacity of 6,000 to 20,000 lambs per transport, this factor depending on the customer’s preferences, of course.

  1. Sheep farmers in Romania choose to grow only quality breeds with quality / superior features

Sheep quality is given both by the food it consumes and by the way it is groomed. The Lucerne (alfalfa) supplied to the animals contains the nutrients necessary for sheep growth and development. Providing the farm with quality fodder is one of the most vital conditions to have healthy animals and to increase the production of livestock.

The farm where Seradria raises sheep is located in the town of Rascruci which is situated 25 km from Cluj-Napoca. So, if you were still trying to decide which country would be better suited for importing sheep, now you have surely found the answer to your question. Given all 5 reasons above, you should choose Romania.

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