Export of Lambs and Cattle to Turkey

After official negotiations between the sanitary veterinary authorities from both countries, Romanian livestock companies can now export lambs and cattle to Turkey starting from January of 2017. There are now sanitary certificates for trading sheep and bulls for both breeding and immediate slaughtering that can be used for making the export.

Our company Seradria works with Turcana traditional breed of sheep, which has a good ratio of meat upon slaughtering. We can prepare large numbers quickly, with a few thousands always on stock, ready for delivery. For cattle we usually work with Simmental breed as it is the most widespread in Romania. We can also offer other meat breeds such as Blue Belgium, Charolais and Limousine, but in fewer quantities. We can export bulls for breeding (150-250kg) as well as for immediate slaughtering (300-600kg). Transport is made by truck.

Breeding sheep and cattle is a traditional business in Romania, with companies having an extensive expertise in raising, fattening and trading various sheep and cattle breeds. The animals are raised in a complete natural, healthy environment. They are also treated from a sanitary veterinary perspective, as per EU regulations in force.

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