How to Buy Cows from Romania in 4 Easy Steps

When you have a business based on cattle breeding it’s very important to know how to buy cows and how to negotiate their prices. This can make your business grow quickly and your profit come faster. Knowing what to look for and always be in search for the best deals available can seem a little bit difficult, especially if you haven’t done this before or if you don’t know what this process involves.

There are two main ways in which you can buy cattle: by auction or by private trade (buying cattle from farmers or from private breeders). We won’t discuss the details now, but rather the basics of the process of buying cows.

In order to buy the best cattle breeds, you need to find a great country which has a great number of cows, a great climate for raising healthy animals and a history in dealing with cattle livestock exports and imports. One of these countries is Romania and if you’re searching for some information about it, regarding cattle traits, you’ll see that it’s one of the best options in Europe. 

What are the steps you need to follow in order to buy cattle from Romania?

In order to buy cattle from Romania, you must follow 4 simple steps that will get you closer to this country’s market and to its great prices and quality.

  1.   Know the type of cattle breed you need

Before you start a plan or take action, you need to have very clearly in mind what your business’s needs are and, more specifically, what kind of cattle you are looking for. Are you in a search for the dairy breeds or for the meat ones? Is there any specific breed that interests you, one you have raised before, or one you have heard great things about? If that is so, look for information about it on the internet, get to know its distinctive marks, its features (average weight and height, its colours, the shape of its horns, the class, the type – dairy or met) and so on.

After you believe you’re familiar with the name of the breed you’re looking for and with its appearance and features, then you should move to the next step. If you’re interested in breeds raised in Romania, here are some examples.

  1.   Set your budget

For this step you need to know the average price of the cattle breed you’re interested in, otherwise you won’t be able to set a realistic and optimal budget. 

It’s important to have a firm limit in mind so you won’t get in a situation in which you find yourself a step away from buying cattle you are not able to pay for.

  1.   Choose where you want to buy the cattle from Romania and settle an appointment to see the animals

There are many parts of Romania in which farmers raise cows, most of them located in the middle of the country and around the mountainous regions. In order to find these areas, search for them on the internet. For example, Cluj Napoca, one of the biggest and most important western cities in the country is well-known for hosting numerous farms, so you could start your search here.

After you have found one such cattle farm, you can contact the company in order to arrange a meeting and see the animals. Explain to the owner that you intend to buy cattle, but you’d prefer to see the cows’ health condition before. Settle a day and a time for the meeting and prepare your negotiator skills.

  1.   Negotiate a convenient price for both of you

Know your budget limits and don’t exceed them, leave room for negotiation and do not make known from the beginning how much you’re willing to pay. Don’t forget that Romanians are great negotiators and they’ll get the better of you when it comes to negotiations if you are not prepared.

However, if it seems to you that they ask for a higher price that you would expect, take in consideration that they do it for a reason: the impeccable conditions in which the animals are raised and their good quality.

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