Lamb Meat Nutrition – Facts and Health Benefits

lamb meatLamb meat contains many vital nutrients such as iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin B12. Furthermore, it is well-known that this type of red meat is an excellent source of protein. Even though the red meat has sometimes a bad reputation and many people avoid consuming it because this would raise the blood level of cholesterol and therefore increase the risk of heart disease.

Lamb vs. Beef Nutrition

Many doctors say that our body needs 200 milligrams of cholesterol every day. Even though lamb is high in cholesterol, beef is even higher. Still, there are many specialists saying the opposite. Also, the meat lamb is tender and is more digestible than the beef. In other words, you’ll have to keep in mind that beef isn’t so rich in nutritional components (for example proteins) as lamb meat. As a matter of fact, if you eat lamb with moderation, you’ll have the chance to maintain a well-adjusted level of cholesterol.

Lamb vs. Chicken Nutrition

Lamb meat consists of higher percentages of iron when compared to chicken. There are two forms of iron: heme iron and non-heme iron. The first one can mostly be found in red meat, while the other one can be discovered in vegetarian food. Many doctors recommend the consumption of lamb because the heme iron is more absorbable than its non-heme variant.

Other Health Benefits

There are people who think that eating lamb it’s not very good for their health. That’s not correct as lamb meat is healthy and provides essential nutrients for the body such as vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, B12. The complex B of vitamins assures the good function of our entire body and improves the performance of the nervous system.

In addition to this, researchers estimate that the number of people suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency increases every year. Lamb is a good source of B12. According to some specialists, only three ounces of lamb meat will provide enough B12 vitamin. The deficit of vitamin B12 is responsible for anaemia and can cause different affections of the nervous system.

Some recently made studies show that consuming food with proteins can improve the preservation of the lean body mass.

Lamb Meat, a Good Source of Protein

If you’re considering changing your eating habits and you’re wondering if the lamb meat is good for weight loss, just keep in mind that lamb is tender and suitable for your diet. In addition to this, average 3-ounce of lamb meat contains 175 calories which represent almost half of your daily protein intake.

All things considered, eating lamb is a very healthy choice because is low in cholesterol and has mono saturated fat. It also has nutritional benefits for the human body such as many proteins, vitamin B, zinc, and iron.

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