Lambs and Cattle for Ramadan Holiday


As we get closer to the Ramadan Holiday at the end of this month, we are preparing very high quality lambs and cattle for export. The lambs are mainly Turcana and Tigaie breed, with around 25kg+ average in weight. What you see in the pictures are Romanian sheep that have been in our farm for more than 6 weeks now, on special food and with all sanitary veterinary treatments done. They are ready for slaughter.


lambs_sheep_turcana_1 lambs_sheep_turcana_2 lambs_sheep_turcana_3 lambs_sheep_turcana_4 lambs_sheep_turcana
We have also prepared cattle, different weight categories, starting from 200kg and up to 660kg per head. They are mainly Simmental bulls, 1st quality, bred on special food, ready for slaughter. We can also supply some Blue Belgium bulls but in much smaller number compared with the Simmental cattle.


cattle_bulls_simmental_1 cattle_bulls_simmental_2 cattle_bulls_simmental_3 cattle_bulls_simmental_4 cattle_bulls_simmental
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