Lebanon is Now Open for Trade

Sanitary Veterinary authorities in Lebanon have reopened the market for imports of livestock from Romania. After a few months of interdiction, Romanian sanitary veterinary authorities have had a few official meetings with their Lebanese counterparts in order to draft a new sanitary veterinary certificate. The new agreement is now shorter and more concise, with the exact specifications and conditions that must be met in order for a livestock company from Lebanon to be able to import sheep and cattle of Romanian origin.

Seradria has prepared all necessary documentation and can export lambs and bulls to Lebanon as of today. The lambs have an average weight of more than 25 kg/head and are from 2015. The Simmental cattle that we mainly work with has a range of 200-600 kg/head. Each cattle has its own passport for good traceability and all sanitary veterinary treatments done. We can export livestock for both breeding and slaughter.

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