Libya is Now Open for Trade

After a few months of closure the Libyan market for livestock is now open to import lambs and cattle from Romania. After several official meetings between Libyan and Romanian sanitary veterinary authorities, an official agreement has been put in place that allows companies in Libya to start again the imports of livestock from Romania. The new sanitary veterinary certificate is official and can be used to approve the new exports, for both sheep and bulls.

As always, Seradria has been preparing for this moment and is ready to deliver high quality lambs, ready for slaughtering upon arrival in Libya. We have few lambs left from last year at weights between 45 and 55 kg per head. Starting from April we will be able to offer new lambs from 2015 which have a weight of around 25+kg per head.

We have already started to prepare Simmental bulls for sale to the Libyan market. These bulls are very good in terms of the meat/weight ratio at slaughtering and can take the trip to Libya very well. We have cattle with weights starting from 200kg per head and up to 600kg per head, all with individual passports for good traceability and all sanitary veterinary treatments done.

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