Seradria, the only Romanian company with exporting authorisations to Saudi Arabia

Since the beginning of this year, Romania can export sheep, goat and cattle to Saudi Arabia after the Romanian National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority has recently concluded negotiations that started last year with the authorities of the Kingdom.

The agreements to open trade relations for export of animals to Saudi Arabia were started in April 2017 and, as a consequence, in September 2017 a delegation from Saudi Arabia came in Romania to evaluate the activity of veterinary services of the country regarding the control of diseases and the biosecurity conditions at cattle sheep and goats.

At the beginning of this year, the debates were completed and the export of sheep, goat and cattle from Romania – one of the largest exporters of livestock animals – was declared open to Saudi Arabia.

During the negotiations, the Saudi authorities demanded special export conditions and until now, our company is the only one in Romania that obtained the authorization to export animals to the Kingdom.

The authorisation was granted after a thorough evaluation of specific conditions like:

  • sanitary veterinary authorizations
  • animal traceability
  • special registers
  • livestock accommodation
  • suitable installations for feeding
  • watering and treatment administration
  • suitable areas for fodder
  • residual waters systems etc.

With an export-oriented activity, Seradria can provide shipments of lambs and ewes in great numbers

seradria logoSeradria is one of the biggest Romanian animal exporters, with experience in the sheep breeding, slaughtering and trading from 1994.

Our farm – which it has 10 ha2 and a capacity of 150,000 sheep, lambs, cattle and bulls per year – is created in accordance with all standardization required by the Union European and has all the necessary conditions and utilities for livestock, fattening, veterinary treating and sale of the sheep and cattle.

All the lambs and ewes from Seradria farm are available for sale in great numbers and they can be delivered per client’s request, with or without wool.

All blood analysis and vaccines are done properly to Union European standards and, besides that, for Israel, Seradria castrates all the lambs that are prepared for export, and also make all the blood analysis and vaccines required extra by the Israel authorities, and – from now on – by the Saudi authorities too.

According to the EU statistics office, Romania has more than 9,8 million heads of ewes, currently holding 3rd place in Europe after UK and Spain regarding sheep breeding.

More than that, Romania has a favourable position with an easy access the Black Sea, so Seradria can provide shipments of lambs and ewes – via sea routes – to the Mediterranean region, in North Africa, on Eastern Mediterranean coast, even in countries from Arabian Peninsula.

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