Simmental Cattle and Blue Belgium Cattle Ready for Sale


Spring is here and we are collecting a large number of cattle, mainly bulls from the Simmental and Blue Belgium breed. Our current livestock has a weight of around 300-600 kg/head and is of the finest quality. Most of it is Simmental but we do have some Blue Belgium heads that are sure to impress.
blue belgium bulls cattle for salesimmental bulls cattle for sale 2

The bulls have all EU required sanitary veterinary treatments done with all certificated for export needed. They also have their own passports for identification purposes.

simmental bulls cattle for sale 1simmental bulls cattle for sale
We prefer to work with the Simmental and BlueBelgium breed because they are of a higher quality compared to the Holstein (black and white) breed of cattle. They have a better meat to weight ratio and a higher survivability rate, therefore lower risk of death during sea transport.
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