Why Romania Is one of the Best Countries That Deals in Cattle Export

Situated in the southeastern part of Central Europe, Romania has plenty of trade relationship with many other European countries. In 2016, the country was recognized as the 46th largest goods exporter in the world, the main exports being insulated wire, cars or vehicle parts. At the same time, Romania is well known as one of the European countries with the largest number of cattle, having a great cattle export activity.

It is not a surprise then that its capacity to do great business when exporting to other countries is based on some undeniable advantages, regarding cattle export. Here are some supporting arguments.

Reasons why Romania is one of the best countries in cattle export field

For those who don’t know so much about Romania and why it is so well known for cattle export, here are some arguments that might make you take it into consideration next time:

1. It has a great number of animals

According to the Romanian Livestock Annual Report 2016, Romania had around 2.5 million head of cows. The main countries to which Romania exports cattle livestock are Croatia, Israel, Jordan, Spain, Italy, Libya, Hungary, Greece, but there are also many others.

Having such a great livestock, it’s not surprising that this is the main reason for which Romania is one of the best countries that deals in cattle export.

2. The country’s favorable climate

Located at the crossroads of Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, Romania has access to the Black Sea, while having a great continental climate, mixed with an oceanic and Mediterranean climate. Therefore, generally speaking, summers are hot and dry, with average annual temperatures between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. Precipitation is modest, but enough to allow the vegetation to grow. Winters are usually cold, with average annual temperatures between 3 and -15 degrees Celsius.

So, the favorable climate not only promotes vegetation growth, but also allows animals to grow healthy and muscular.

3. The favorable and strategic localization

Being situated at a central location between Western Europe and Middle Eastern countries, Romania can maintain a good trade relationship with many countries around the Mediterranean Sea, with those from the Middle East, North Africa or with those from Western Europe.

As such, due to all these reasons and taking advantage of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the transport takes a lot less time and the risk of animal suffering during the transition is greatly reduced.

4. Romania has a lot of well-trained farmers

Due to the fact that in Romania agriculture is a long-standing tradition, together with the fact that technology leaves its mark in this field every year, the farmers are far more skilled and better prepared than they were in the past. As such, they are able to take really good care of the cattle obtained from import or for those raised for exports.

The trade partners that the country has had so far can confirm that the animals are well treated and fed, healthy, with all of the veterinary requirements up to date.

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