Livestock Romanian Cattle for sale and export

With a large agricultural industry, Romania has an approximate total number of cattle of around 200,000 heads. Easy access to the Central Europe highway system and the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea ensures an efficient way of trade on the international cattle markets.

Seradria exports cattle to European Union countries as well as countries across the Mediterranean region. Israel, Jordan and Northern African countries such as Libya, Egypt or Tunisia are some of the markets with good demand for cattle. We can serve clients from these regions easily through sea transport that usually takes around four to six days to destination.

We are able to provide clients with mixed vessels of livestock, i.e. with both sheep and cattle loaded on a single ship. In this way the client has the flexibility to choose the preferred quantities of each type of livestock.

All cattle we sell are of very good quality, sanitary veterinary treated and with no diseases present. They are fed and bred as per EU regulation in force therefore guaranteeing a best in class meat when slaughtered. Each cattle is individually stamped with electronic tags so that they can be easily identified if needed. Moreover, each of them has its own passport for an even better traceability to source.

Romanian Cattle Breeds for Sale

Seradria mainly exports Romanian Simmental (Bălțată Românească) cattle because of its wide availability in Romania and the good meat/weight ratio when slaughtered. Blue Belgium and other cattle breeds are also present and available for export but in limited weights and quantities.

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