Romanian Livestock Sheeps and Lambs for sale

As one of the leading sources of sheep livestock in Europe, Romania has more than 10 million sheep within its borders. Its geographical position, close to Central Europe and with access to the Black Sea, represents a great logistical advantage when it comes to international business.

Midia is Romania’s livestock port to the Black Sea, with specialised structures that provide good support for an efficient loading and unloading of livestock vessels. Constanța is Romania’s industrial port and therefore not used for livestock merchandise.

With more than 1 million heads of sheep exported each year, Romania has a good capacity of meeting the market demand within the Mediterranean area. The Black Sea provides easy access to the Aegean Sea and further to the Mediterranean Sea. Through the Suez channel to the south vessels can reach as far as the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, although such trips require larger vessels with more than 8,000 – 10,000 heads of sheep on board for them to be cost effective.

Romanian Sheep and Lambs for Sale

Seradria consistently exports livestock via sea routes to the Mediterranean region, with a strong client base in North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean coast. This mainly takes place because of two reasons. Firstly, population in these areas predominantly consumes lamb meat on a daily basis and therefore the presence a large demand for this type of product in these markets. Secondly, livestock vessels are able to reach countries like Libya, Tunisia or Egypt in four to six days, depending on the destination port, speed of the vessel and weather on the sea.

Seradria is also able to provide shipments of livestock to countries from the Arab Peninsula, with easier access to Israel and Lebanon.

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