Tsigai Sheeps and Lambs from Romania

The indigenous Romanian sheep (lamb) breed Tsigai, related to Merino and British Sheep, is one of the most economically important native sheep group from south-eastern Europe (Romania, some Balkan countries and Hungary). It seems to be originally the sheep of long distance transhumance shepherds and was located in central and south-eastern Romania (Carpathians Bend, hills of Transylvania and S-E plain).

Romanian Tsigai Lambs for Export

Per client’s request, these Romanian lambs can be delivered with or without wool as well.

From the total number of the sheep present in Romania, the Tsigai sheep represent 5,34% and it is the second biggest breed type after Tsurcana breed (80,5%)

The Tsigai sheep breed formed in the south-east of the Caspic Sea by the domestication of the Arkar wild breed. In the present, important parts from the Tsigai breed can be found in the Central European and East European countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Republic of Moldova and the south of Ukraine.

In Romania, the spreading area of the Tsigai breed was overall represented by the south of Moldova and Dobrogea. With the growing demand of wool, after 1950, grew the demand of semi-fine wool. And in response to that, the breeders made crossbreeds between Tsigai and Tsurcana breeds, resulting a new so called race.

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